What is Research Integration?

Research integration can be done in many ways, depending on the type of instruction, discipline and programme level.

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The research-teaching integration figure provides a simplified overview of what is meant by research-based teaching and research integration1. All degree programmes are research-based = the reddish-brown bottom. In addition, all degree programmes can integrate different types of research integration = the green top.

The green top indicates the extent to which students are involved in and contribute to the teacher’s research. The degree of independence increases as you move to the right on the green top.

The types of research-based teaching and research integration are regarded equally as the selected types must fit the individual degree programme and the students’ level. In other words, you can work on the research integration types that matches the individual course.

Many more possibilities and mixes are available in practice. You can see specific examples of how lecturers have integrated research and teaching at UCPH in the  inspiration catalogue.

1 Source:

Damsholt, T. & Jensen, H. N. (2023) ”Fra Forskningsbaseret Uddannelse til Forsknings-Undervisnings-Integration – i modeller og praksis” in Dansk universitetspædagogisk Tidsskrift 18(35) p. 3-18