About integrating research in teaching

At the University of Copenhagen, all students should have the opportunity to come into contact with research during their programme, and research integration should play a prominent role in all programmes.

On this page, you can see a wide range of examples of research-integrating teaching activities within different disciplines and find theoretical models for research-based teaching.

The examples are meant as inspiration to activate students in research activities as part of their education in order to increase their feeling of being part of a research community. We want to inspire academic staff to see the potential and benefits of developing and exploring research fields together with students. In this way, students become (co)creators of knowledge.

Research-based education is what makes the University unique

The basic philosophy of UCPH is that its permanent academic staff should be engaged in both research and teaching. It is primarily through the interaction between lecturers and students that the connection between research and education is forged.

The University of Copenhagen has a strong tradition of working with educational development projects that focus on how research plays a key role in teaching and education at the University.

Towards 2023, UCPH will have a strategic focus on enhancing the integration of research and teaching in order to improve the quality of education. If you work at UCPH, you can read more about the initiative here on KUnet.

The initiative builds on the University’s knowledge acquired through the educational development project ‘Research-based education’, which ran from 2013 to 2017.