The conference "Integrating Research and Teaching" was hosted by The University of Copenhagen's 2016-project on research-based education. The aim of the conference was to inspire researchers and teachers with regard to improving their research-based teaching and to provide them with a platform for discussing research-based teaching, learning and education with their colleagues and other relevant parties.

Watch the keynote presentations and discussion below.

Watch the Keynote Presentation by Angela Brew:  


Watch the Keynote Presentation by Camilla Østerberg Rump:


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Keynote speakers

Angela Brew

Angela Brew is a Professorial Fellow in the Learning and Teaching Centre at Macquarie University, Australia. 

"Implementing research-based experiences for students".

Camilla Østerberg Rump

Camilla Østerberg Rump is an Associate Professor at Department of Science Education, Faculty of Science.

"Students’ expectations to research based teaching".


The six workshops were divided in Session I and Session II. Find the abstracts for the workshops below.

Session I

Workshop 1: “Can knowledge and authority really be distributed? Didactic implications and practice based examples of teaching-based research and directed research communities”
Tine Damsholt, Professor  &  Marie Sandberg, Associate Professor at SAXO-Institute 

Workshop 2: “Joint supervision as a short cut to teaching based research”
Hanne Nexø Jensen, Associate Professor at Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Session II

Workshop 1: ”How can reading and writing be understood as scientific methodologies and form the basis for research-based teaching?"
Charlotte Baarts, Associate Professor & Lina Hauge Katan, Research assistant at Department of Sociology

Workshop 3: “Research based teaching in skill-oriented courses with a steep learning curve”
Pernille Gøtz, Research academic officer at TEACH, Faculty of Humanities.

Presentation Slides