Research internship

A research internship is a special variation of a project-oriented course. In a research internship, you will develop your academic skills by conducting topical research within your subject. On this page, you can watch videos about other University of Copenhagen students and read about what to consider before you start planning your own research internship.

Planning a research internship

When you start examining the possibilities for a research internship, you can ask yourself some important questions. A research internship can take may shapes, and therefore you should consider what your internship should be like. For example, do you want to follow a researcher closely in some sort of apprenticeship? Are you driven by contributing your own ideas to research? Or perhaps you are motivated to be part of a inter-disciplinary team of researchers and to find solutions to problems through cross-disciplinary competences?  

You can also consider the part of the research process you are most interested in experiencing. Are you most passionate about the initial generation of ideas, data collection, analysis or the final dissemination of results?

Different types of research internships have different learning benefits. It is a good idea that you consider these questions before you start looking into the possibility of a research internship. Not least, it is a good idea to be clear about your expectations to your research internship in order to be able to align expectations from the beginning with your supervisor at your future place of internship.

Find inspiration on how a research internship can take place at the University of Copenhagen by watching videos about students in research internships and read Niels' personal experience from his research internship in the feature article. 

How to proceed
If you are considering whether a research internship would be relevant for your degree, you can find inspiration and help from some of the steps listed below. 

  • Contact your student or careers counsellor and ask about the possibilities for a research internship or read the requirements for project-oriented courses in your curriculum
  • Contact a researcher at your department or one of your teachers and ask about projects which could be of interest
  • Go to University of Copenhagen's job bank and search for advertisements for research interns

The University of Copenhagen has prepared an official document in which you can read about the common guidelines for project-oriented courses at the university. You can read the guidelines in the right-hand corner of this page. Here you can also find the 'Template for creating a project for research internship' document. Some departments already have a procedure for organising research internships, but if such procedure does not exist at your department, you can use the template in the right-hand corner as a basis for a contract with your future place of internship.