Research Based Education for students

Research-based education is education with close collaboration between research and teaching. Research-based education offers a practical approach to your subject, and gives you a taste of how theory and methodology from your subject can be used to illustrate problems and generate new knowledge. As a student, you will become confident with procedures and methodologies of research, and you will be able to contribute to developing your own subject.

Research-based education is what distinguishes a university degree from qualifications from other educational institutions. The fact that education and research are conducted under one roof is unique for universities. This provides ample opportunity to strengthen the relationship between research and education to benefit researchers as well as students.

Integrate more research into your degree

As a student, it can be difficult to figure out how to strengthen research-based education in your study programme. First you can look in your course catalogue. Choose courses that emphasise project work, or courses with teaching that encourages student involvement and that breaks with traditional mass lectures. Research-based education can include courses that resemble research projects through which you will strengthen your skills within generating ideas, preparing study designs and using methodologies in practice. Research-based education can also entail you and your teacher writing an academic paper together.

If you want to see examples of research-based teaching, this link shows examples of courses that integrate research and teaching.

You can also learn more about the many types of research-based education by looking at models of research-based teaching.

Strengthen your academic profile with a research internship

If you want to include more research in your degree, you can also look into a research internship. During a research internship, you will learn how your subject is applied in practice, and you will be able to experience first hand how research is conducted within your subject. Read more about research internships here.

Another possibility to promote the research base of your degree is to try getting your assignments published as academic papers. You can do this in all journals within your subject field, but you can also get published in University of Copenhagen Student Research Journal, which specialises in papers from Master's students. Currently, only students from the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science can have their papers published, but eventually the journal will cover the entire University Of Copenhagen.