About research-based education

Research-based education is the university's distinctive feature.

According to the University Act, it is the job of the universities to carry out research as well as offer research-based education at the highest international level within their subject area. Research-based education is therefore a central principle at Danish universities.

The process of integration of research and teaching can be different depending on the subject, teachers and students. Through teaching programmes, students can try out research-like processes, for example. They can also function as active co-creators of the teacher’s research project, for example by generating ideas, collecting data or suggesting analysis activities. There are many possibilities.

In each case, the goal is to qualify the students and their academic skills by organising lessons in a way which introduces the students to the key research methods and processes of the subject.

About this website

The purpose of this website is to inspire students, teachers and researchers to focus on, and contribute to, creating research-based teaching as a way of improving the academic skills of students. The website contains descriptions of the individual subprojects, videos of students from the University of Copenhagen in research internships, examples of research-based teaching, and a presentation of a selection of theoretical research-based education models.